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TACO-SCM E –Learning Modules

About the Program:

This Program is an initiative of TACO (Tata Autcomp Systems Ltd) to develop knowledge and skills required by Automotive and Non Automotive companies at Global level in terms of quality tools. It is designed to facilitate for new entrant professional in automotive and non automotive companies.
Dhanada Education Pvt.Ltd. is authorized marketing representative for TACO – SCM E-Learning Modules.

E-Learning Modules Course Type Prospectus
Quality 1 E learning
Quality 2 E learning
Logistics E learning
Upcoming E-Learning Modules Course Type Prospectus
Sourcing E learning
Maintenance Engineering E learning
Objective of this course is to facilitate training on Quality Tools and Processes for new entrant professionals in Manufacturing Industry.
What we offer
Animated & story based learning with voice over support.
Flexibility to choose time.
Learning as per user pace with repeat & pause features.
Mandatory test to check learning effectiveness.
Certificate of completion.
Why take the course
For Students
Better career opportunities
Shorter training cycle after joining industry.
Higher productivity and industry knowledge right from the start of the job.
Competitive edge
For Working Professionals
Better productivity and growth
Improved industry adoption
Job rotation
Certified advantage
Learn under Direction
Job rotation
Competitive Edge
E-Learning Modules

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